We have some great events and workshops lined up for you, ranging from yoga workshops to body positivity, creative writing to the art of crafting slow foods. Due to restrictions we recently had, we are slowly adding them back on to the schedule with most from August onwards:

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Abundance - Prenatal yoga course


With Ida Kilias // @idakilias

1.000 DKK

6 sessions

Whether you are already have a practice or are new to yoga, many mothers find yoga helps them to manage various discomforts of pregnancy, both physically and mentally. Prenatal yoga ensures you approach the birth of your baby in optimal health aiding in your recovery, whatever happens. Throughout the course, we improve circulation and mobility, and aim to ease ailments such as: back and hip pain, fatigue, fluid retention, cramps, insomnia & heartburn. 

Kirtan - Opening Weekend Special


With Faye Baldwin, Colette Alderson, Shaan Reza Ala & Sonia Dujak

50 DKK

18.00 -  19.30

KIRTAN: 'Karmic Purification of the Voice'

Man - mind      tra - to cross over

Mantras are here to help cross over and find freedom from the unconscious patterns of the mind. Meditation of the voice, songs for the soul.

Creative Writing Workshop


With Tanya Markul // @tanyamarkul @hellsyeahunicorn

350 DKK

12.00 - 15.30

Creative Writing for Emotional Relief & Guidance

In this class, we will creatively deep dive within to find emotional relief. And we’ll write, like artists, to reveal beauty, personal meaning, and life guidance. We will play and create with mind-opening and unconventional imagination drills, creative exercises, and prompts to get you writing, without second guessing, your truest expression.

The Art of Soap Making


With Živilė Fornari //

350 DKK - including snacks

16.00 - 18.00

In this workshop, you will have a chance to learn about saponification:

The tradition of cold pressed soap making technique exploring the qualities of the most common oils, herbs, clays and essential oils used in soap making.

Gua Sha Workshop


With Pardis Pourahmad // @guanyinacupuncture

555 DKK

13.00 - 17.00

Gua-sha is an ancient Chinese healing method by scraping the skin with a very simple tool and oil. In this workshop you will learn methods on how to do this yourself at home.

Doula Course


With Pardis Pourahmad // @guanyinacupuncture

6.200 DKK

6 sessions

3 hours per session

Pregnancy and birth is a sacred rite of passage, with all ups and downs. But in modern cultures, we are forgetting the initiation rooted in birth, disconnecting from the magic and turning away from ancestral knowledge. Pardis is here to help you to trust your own thinking and your intuition/ inner voice because you are the creator: Your body, your birth!