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Choose from the range of upcoming workshops below to inspire you through yoga, food, trainings, movement and mindfulness:

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'Abundance' - Prenatal Course


With Diantha Jayananathan

1.150 DKK 

Even before a baby is born, they start to tune in to their future earth-side home from the comfort of the inside world they live within. Their senses develop and become stimulated as they swirl around their watery home.


'Motherhood' - Prenatal Course


With Diantha Jayananathan

1.150 DKK 

For new each birth of a child a new mother is born. We welcome you to surrender into all that motherhood has to offer in a safe community space of other women and their babies for the next 6 weeks. 

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RETREAT - Andalusia

28 AUG - 1 SEP

With Faye Baldwin

5.600 / 7.600 DKK 

A transformational four nights living in harmony with nature in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain, 30 minutes from Malaga. Named ’Temple Retreat’, simply meaning the leading of the way to the inner temple. Five days to step away from the exterior, from the noise, the daily grind, and leaning inwards to the Self. 

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RETREAT - Sri Lanka

3 - 9 FEB, 2025

With Faye Baldwin

6.950 - 11.950 DKK 

Nourishment is many things, and it has a huge part to do with Kundalini yoga and enjoying a beautiful, present meal together. Join us in cultivating our inner vitality and merge into deep relaxation with movement, pranayam and deep chants.


TRAINING - Prenatal Yoga

APR - JUNE, 2025

With Ida Kilias

11.500 DKK 

This in-depth prenatal yoga teacher training will dive into the herstory of yoga, women-centered yoga and how to facilitate wholesome, safe prenatal yoga classes or feel confident to guide pregnant women as they join regular yoga classes.

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