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Choose from the range of upcoming workshops below to inspire you through yoga, food, trainings, movement and mindfulness:

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YIN YOGA & MASSAGE With Shaan & Bella
450 DKK

Join us for a nourishing 2.5-hour long journey into deep rest for the body, mind and spirit through restorative touch and massage, mellow yin shapes and guided meditation. Treat this as a dedicated space for sacred rest, timed perfectly to help you find warmth as we transition out of summer and the leaves begin to change and fall. Cocoon with us in the newly opened Moon Shala at Iluma.

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Women's Circle - Samhain


With Faye Baldwin

300 DKK 

“Fire fire burning bright. In the shadow in the night.”


The women’s circle: a safe and sacred spaces for those who identify as women to gather. The journey of coming home through passing on wisdom, tools and practice from deep within. You know it though, too: the circle lives within each of us. This is your calling, the echo, the little whisper of the circle from your generations past.


Inversion Workshop


With Emily Losno

250 DKK 

Inversions are upside down poses, therefore something our body is not used to experience naturally. They can be intimidating in the beginning, but also a lot of fun once we develop our own practice. Inversions also teach us humility and perseverance and can boost our confidence and make us feel very strong in our body.   


Womb Yoga Immersion


With Ida Kilias

750 DKK 

A full day immersion diving into the feminine wisdom through sound, cycle awareness, meditation, and womb yoga.

The female body is still in need of deep healing. Many of us grew up with shame around our menstrual cycle, disconnecting from the wisdom it brings by avoiding it by all means possible.


Sri Lanka Retreat: Five Elements

20 - 27 JAN

7 nights with Faye in South Sri Lanka
9.950 / 12.950 DKK 

A venue overlooking a lake, completely secluded in dense tropical nature whilst also only 5 minutes from miles of golden sandy beaches - this is the retreat venue of dreams.

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