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Terms & Conditions



When enrolling as a student of Iluma Yoga, you agree to the following studio conditions:

  • Classes are subject to change or cancellation without notice due to Covid-19 issues, sickness and unforeseen teacher situations. Iluma Yoga may refund, transfer or offer compensation of any kind, for classes that are changed or cancelled by us for any reason.

  • Teachers are subject to change at short notice.

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class. Late entry 5 minutes before class can result in you losing your place to someone on the waitlist. For security reasons the door to the studio is locked 1 minute before the beginning of each class. If you arrive later than when class starts, you will not be let inside.

  • If the door is shut, it is because classes only have a 15 minute gap, please just wait.

  • Check in at reception before each class or you may be subject to a fine of DKK 30 as a 'no-show'.

  • Please refrain from leaving a class early (unless it is for a medical reason).

  • Iluma Yoga is not responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings within the studio.

  • Iluma Yoga & the studio teachers have the right to refuse entry into a class/studio at anytime for any reasonable cause, including but not limited to: misconduct, intoxication, medical grounds or failure to comply with the studio's conditions.

  • To book into a class you must either have credit in your bank account or pay at the time of booking. Class payment must be made upon booking.

  • You agree that you are to be in good physical health and physically able to perform all yoga exercises and other related physical activity in the studio's offerings.

  • Please follow all instructions given to you by Iluma Yoga teachers. Failure to do so will be at your own risk and may cause injury.

  • Classes may be physically strenuous and you voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury or death.

  • Iluma Yoga is in no way liable for any injury, loss of property or death resulting from attending our studio & taking part in all activities.

  • By booking into a class/workshop/event at Iluma yoga, you automatically agree to these studio Conditions.


Booking & Waitlists:

  • We recommend that you book classes in advance to avoid disappointment.

  • We are limiting your booking to maximum 3 classes at any one time to stop block booking so people can join in these smaller classes.

  • If a class is fully booked, there is a waitlist which you can join. If someone else cancels their booking and you are at the top of the waitlist, you will be booked onto the class. We recommend that you regularly check your profile to see if you have been given a place in the class.

  • There is also the opportunity to tune into the live streams throughout the week.


Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure everyone has a chance to take place in a class and the mats are filled. Nobody likes to miss out on a class, so please take note of the following:

  • Cancellations can be made via the website through our YOGO system.

  • Class cancellations can be made up to 3 hours before the class start time.

  • Students on a monthly membership who fail to attend a class will be charged a DKK 30 no show fee of which minimum 50% goes to our KULA FUND supporting charitable foundations as well as good causes around our city's community.

  • Students using an Intro Card, Drop-in, 5/10 Clip Card who book into a class but fail to attend will lose their class / clip.

  • Cancellations will not be accepted via phone, email or social media.

Clip Cards

For those needing a bit more freedom with classes we offer both 5 and 10 class Clip Cards:

  • Clips are valid for in-studio classes and live classes.

  • Clip Cards are valid for 6 months

  • You may not carry over the period of 6 month nor get a refund for any clips not used on the card after the 6 month period.

  • You may not share the card with anyone else.




  • Payment needs to be made upon booking.

  • Please arrive at least 15 mins before the scheduled start time of the workshop.

  • Late entry to workshops will not be permitted or refunded.

  • Iluma Yoga does not offer refunds on workshops for change of mind, injury, illness or any other reason. All purchases are final.

  • If you cannot attend, you may transfer your place into another person’s name. It is essential to inform Iluma Yoga at least 24 hours before the start of workshop.



Studio Guidelines for when there are restrictions in place:


  • Do not come to class if you have COVID symptoms.

  • Even if you do not have COVID but have symptoms of a cough/common cold/flu, we must stress that you will be asked to leave. It's much better for you to stay at home to rest, instead of over-exerting yourself and causing unneeded panic amongst other students.

  • Please email info@ilumayoga AND if you have tested positive and recently visited our studio.

Checking in:

  • You must show up between 5 - 15 minutes before your booked class (If you arrive with less than 5 minutes until the class starts, you may lose your place to someone waiting on the waitlist.)

  • The door will be shut until the class before has finished, please wait patiently in the stairwell keeping distance, or wait in the courtyard if it becomes crowded.

  • Please use hand-sanitiser provided in the stairwell before touching the door and entering.

  • Allow us to check you in, inform whoever is at the desk of your arrival.

Preparation for class:

  • Come as readily changed for practice as you can to avoid spending too much time in the changing room.

  • We do not have any mats lend to you for health and safety reasons, please make sure to bring your own.

  • In case of emergency, we do have a couple of emergency mats that can be used at your own risk and to be sprayed down by you post-practice.

  • Hand-sanitise your hands again before entering the shala.

In class:

  • No personal belongings in the shala apart from a water bottle. Please leave everything in the changing room.

  • Props:

    • Only blocks may be used in classes and must be sprayed after use.

    • Bolsters may only be used for Yin & pre/post natal if you bring a clean pillow case to wrap the bolster in.

    • Blankets and straps cannot be used so make sure to bring your own



  • Accessibility is important to us at Iluma Yoga. We are very happy to offer a discount of 15% on our monthly memberships and 5 & 10 Clip Cards for:

    • Students

    • Unemployed

  • You have to come into the studio to claim this discount and show valid student ID/unemployment status. 

  • We also offer places on our Kula Program (see below)

  • Read more here

  • This is for people who want to try yoga but cannot access it due to the price and their economic position. You can apply yourself or you can nominate a person/people. A portion of the DKK 30 late fees goes to support this program. We are also working with organisations around the city offering yoga for those who cannot access it. If you have an organisation in mind please feel free to nominate them too.

  • Email the owner personally to apply:

  • Your application is private and only. the studio owner will have knowledge of applicants.


We reserve the right to refuse in-studio:

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Abusive behaviour to staff

  • If you have forgotten to/refuse to wear a face mask


  • All items purchased at the studio are non-refundable.

  • All items in the shop include 25% Moms (VAT)

Direct Debits

​Monthly Memberships:

  • The monthly membership is valid for all in-studio classes and live classes. You will also receive special offers on some workshops, events and retreats.

  • You can become a member through our website and booking system here

  • Our monthly card covers all our memberships, whether you are a student or a regular member.

  • Monthly memberships are a rolling contract and automatically renewed every month

  • They are active from the day you purchase.

  • Each payment covers the coming month in credit:

  • You pay the day you sign up ie 15 January and you can attend that month until the next payment of 15 February, and so on.

  • The minimum commitment for membership is 1 months which is paid once per month automatically.


Pausing Memberships:


  • You can pause your monthly membership for a fee. Under 1 month (30 days) is 50kr, and over 1 month is 100kr. Please email to pause.


  • When you cancel, it runs the current month + 60 days/2 months. For example:

    • Membership has been running on 15th each month

    • You cancel the membership on 26 January

    • Membership is covered until 15 February

    • Last payment would be 15 March

    • Last day for practice would be 14 April (Membership will end 30 days after the last payment.)

  • Receipts are sent each month via email you signed up with.

  • To terminate the membership, you do so on your profile under Medlemskab and stop medlemskab

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