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Mom & Baby Yoga

Isvara Pranidhana

'surrender to the higher power'


- Yoga Sutras

Embracing Motherhood Course

DKK 850 

For new each birth of a child a new mother is born. We welcome you to surrender into all that motherhood has to offer in a safe community space of other women and their babies for the next 5 weeks. 


19 APR  -      Wednesdays for 5 weeks @ 11 - 12.30

23 MAY -      Wednesdays for 5 weeks @ 11 - 12.30

23 AUG -      Wednesdays for 5 weeks @ 11 - 12.30


It takes 9 months to prepare for birth and motherhood, and at least 9 months to allow the body (mental and physical) to heal.

Perhaps you already know yoga from before or during pregnancy, or perhaps you’re completely new to yoga. Nonetheless you might find the practises very different on this side of birth: the new role as a mother, different sensations in the body, practising with babies and/or being emotional overwhelmed.

This postnatal yoga course will support you where you are with healing, reintegration, nourishment and compassion. You’ll explore nourishing yoga practices for mother and baby, 
pelvis stability, pelvic floor awareness, emotional healing and support, coming back together and gently finding your way back into this new and transformed body and mind. Moreover we’ll release tight shoulders and stooped posture, support potential lack of sleep and exhaustion with deep rest and restorative yoga.

In this space you’re very welcome as you are no matter your birth story and background with yoga. We’ll share a space where every day is different and your baby has different needs for attention – this is welcomed, and you’re welcome to pause, breastfeed or do anything you and your baby need, at any time. The course is mostly focusing on you but we’ll sometimes include your baby in poses when possible and integrate little baby centred movements, breath-work and massages.


Diving into the transformation from pregnancy to motherhood through meditation, pranayama, strengthening yoga, restorative yoga, gentle core and pelvic floor work. 


You are welcome 6 weeks after vaginal birth & 10 - 12 weeks after a caesarian section until baby is 9 months. 


What you will receive:

  • Pelvic stabilising movements and poses

  • Pelvic floor awareness

  • Post - natal pranayama

  • Yoga for tight shoulders and stooped posture

  • Restorative yoga to rest from lack of sleep and exhaustion

  • Connecting with your baby

  • Connecting to yourself through meditation and sound healing

  • Finding your inner power and intuition

  • Community and a space to connect with other mothers and their babies

  • Mother/baby connection through playful exercises

  • Supporting the baby’s development of senses

  • Self-love and compassion

  • Reconnecting with your body through movement and breath

Investment: 850 kr.

  • 5 x 90 minute classes with all the extra touches and magic to create more of a treat. We designed a course in mind to get you to commit and show up with the little one. This way you show up week after week (even on those more tired days) and feel confident and centred with women going through the exact same processes as you.

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