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Prenatal Courses

Step into this new and powerful role as birth-giver

Abundance  Course

DKK 1.150 


05 MAR+| x 6 TUESDAYS | 15.30 - 17.00

23 APRIL+| x 6 TUESDAYS | 15.30 - 17.00

Even before a baby is born, they start to tune in to their future earth-side home from the comfort of the inside world they live within. Their senses develop and become stimulated as they swirl around their watery home.


The sound of your heartbeat, peoples voices and other external noises become clear; the warmth of the fluids holding them or you massaging your belly; light sensitivity through the little eyelids. This connection between mother and baby is delicately formed into a strong, beautiful bond as you match your natural rhythms together over 9 months.

Whether you are already have a practice or are new to yoga, many mothers find yoga deeply helps them to manage the various discomforts of pregnancy, both physically and mentally. Prenatal yoga ensures you approach the birth of your baby in optimal health, which will help to enhance and hasten your recovery , whatever happens. Throughout the course, we improve circulation and mobility, and aim to ease ailments such as: back and hip pain, fatigue, fluid retention, cramps, insomnia & heartburn. 

Prenatal yoga will help you to flow with the challenging transformation of pregnancy and birth. It can help to bring you a greater self-awareness, as well as increasing your awareness of your baby's presence within your body.

Step into this new and powerful role as birth-giver, mother and woman as we gift your baby the best possible start in life with a means to a more comfortable transition from womb to world.

This course is a sweet blend of Hatha Yoga to find more opening, lengthening and grounding, mixed with adaptations of physical therapy to strengthen and stabilise targeted muscle groups in the body to prevent stress. When you practice each class with us, it will guide you during labour, giving you confidence and faith in your own power.


This course is suited from your second trimester onwards, but you are more than welcome to join if you are still in the first.


What we will be exploring:

  • Women’s circle sharing

  • Breath - one of the most important tools for your birthing journey

  • Restorative yoga

  • Bodily autonomy

  • Meditation for calmer birthing processes and connecting with your baby

  • Hip and pelvis work for ease, strength, and space

  • Pelvic bowl awareness

  • Side-body lengthening & intercostal work

  • Stabilisation, strength & stamina for the big day

  • Releasing postures, help with ever-tightening muscles from the strain of your growing baby

  • Pregnancy Flow: sun salutations

  • Affirmations

  • Sound meditation and music

Investment: DKK 1.150

  • 6x 90 minute classes with all the extra touches to create magic. We designed a course in mind to get you to commit to your Self and the little growing one, this way you show up week after week (even on those more tired days) and feel more grounded with women going through similar processes as you.

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