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Doula Course

Your source of comfort, encouragement and support


Doula  Course

With Pardis Pourahmad // @guanyinacupuncture

+ guest healers

DKK 6.200

Pregnancy and birth is a sacred rite of passage, with all the ups and downs. But in modern cultures, we are forgetting the initiation rooted in birth, disconnecting from the magic and turning away from ancestral knowledge. Pardis is here to help you to trust your own thinking and your intuition/ inner voice because you are the creator: Your body, your birth!

6 x 3 hour Sessions

all 10 - 13.00:

20 August
27 August
10 September
24 September
08 October
15 October

It is time to turn the tides on holistic birthing practices and re-remember what has been forgotten. Taking control of choice and your own path, choosing to work with a doula  as well as a mid-wife brings us back to a deeper source of woman-centred knowledge and trust.

This doula course is for a small group of women. Creating connection and community with others going through similar processes as you is a potent concoction for healing and growth. Having a doula course for groups gives the opportunity for any pregnant person to actually have a doula without having to pay a whole lot of money. This means more of us are then able to have the emotional support and tools of a doula in this very important transition.

This course is for all mothers of all constellations. The aim of this workshop and the work of a doula, is for you and your birth partner to feel close and connected in your cooperation and experience. For you the mother, it is important to have absolute power and say about your body, before during and after birth. In order to have that power, we are going to train you in having close connection to your magical womb intuition and your child. 


Session 1: Introductions and emotional work 

  • Welcome & Opening

  • Looking into your potentials and triggers

  • Yoni, heart and baby exercise

Session 2Rebozo & acupressure

  • Talking about how and what you like and think of as wellness

  • Acupressure

  • Rebozo massage, balancing the pelvis and acupressure. 

Session 3: Your personal birth plan and resource list

  • Birth plan creation for the birth YOU dream of - Your body, your birth. 
    A birth plan where your thinking, needs & wants are noted, valued & heard. 

  • Yoni, heart and baby meditation

Session 4Connection and the new life 


  • This session will be on pre- and post- natal bonding with your child. 

  • SPECIAL GUEST - Trine Maribo Carstensen

    • ​Trine is the founder of Trines Familieskole

    • She will bless us with her knowledge and wisdom gathered over 28 years working with children, young people and parents. 

  • Trine will talk about how to be with this new person in your life in a meaningful way, how to support your child emotionally, what kind of attention infants need, how to listen to them when they cry, and how to manage your feelings.

  • We will share our expectations and worries

  • Ending the class with a yoni, heart and baby meditation

Session 5: Nutrition and herbs: 

  • This class I will teach about nutrition principles in Traditional Chinese Medicine, concerning pregnancy and afterbirth. 

  • SPECIAL GUEST - Ria Mate:

    • Ria is a mother of two and she is an educated Phytoterapist and nurse, as well as the founder of Herbal Salvation

    • She will bless us with her knowledge, about how to and what to use of safe and nurturing herbal remedies.

    • We will also get a little insight in her collection of salves for pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Session 6: Q&A with Pardis, 60 minutes with guest midwife & Closing Circle

  • This is for covering any extra topics that come up

  • Checking you feel settled with all the information passed on

  • Guest midwife: Ky Righolt is a mother of 2 working at Rigshospitalet for the past 4.5 years, she is here to answer questions and talk about birth prep

Herbs and Plants

Investment: DKK 6.200

  • 6 x 3 hour classes

  • A doula can cost a lot, we have designed this course to give you access to a doula's magic at an accessible rate.

  • You can also book private doula sessions/acupuncture with Pardis, you can discuss with her at the course or look at her website

  • You can also discuss to work with her as a personal doula for your birth


By purchasing this course, you are also receive 15% off our prenatal and postnatal yoga 6 week course

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