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Class Styles & Offerings

What class suits your mood today?

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Dynamic | Rooted in Tradition

Experience the transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga. This dynamic and traditional practice synchronizes movement with breath, building strength, flexibility, and endurance. Embrace deep breathing, concentration, and a disciplined approach.


Progress at your own pace through structured sequences, fostering physical and mental development. Discover inner calm, improved clarity, and holistic well-being.


Open level


Transformative | Awakening

Experience a dynamic and transformative journey with Kundalini.


This practice combines movement, breathwork, mantra chanting, and meditation to awaken your inner potential. Enhance vitality, flexibility, and strength as you gracefully flow through energizing postures. Connect with your higher self through mantra chanting and delve into deep meditation to access inner wisdom.


Conclude with relaxation, feeling alive, energized, and connected to your authentic essence. Suitable for experienced yogis seeking inner awakening and self-realization. Embrace Kundalini Flow for a profound and revitalizing practice.

Open level

Pre|Post Natal

5/6 week courses

We have chosen to take classes for our mothers-to-be and new mothers into specifically tailored 6 courses designed to create a more personal experience with a small group of women you get to know on a weekly basis. This creates community with practitioners going through the same processes as you, with stories to share, and even new friends to go on cafe dates with!

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Dynamic | Playful | Strong

A San Francisco classic, Rocket yoga is rooted on the Ashtanga vinyasa system and is an invitation to be playful with your practice. In these invigorating classes, you will have the opportunity to try arm balances and fly into inversions. There will be plenty of modifications for you to build up strength and confidence. This isn't about holding the perfect handstand, this is about linking movement to breath and coming out of the class feeling alive and energised!

All you need is an open mind and playful attitude.


Not suitable for first time yogis. Come try a Vinyasa 1-2 first!


Flow | Energise | Breathe

Simply put, vinyasa is a class dedicated to linking breath with powerful postures through movement and intentional creativity. These classes weave together strength and flexibility, stirring up stale energy and uplifting the soul. This is where the magic happens: the flow state.


Level 1 - 2:

An open level class playing with a lot of basic postures whilst adding in lots of movement to create flow. Variations of poses will cater to your needs on the day. Adapt your practice with modifications to tone it down, or heat things up in challenging intermediate options.

Level 2 - 3:

For the practitioners who want more intensity. Everyone is welcome yet general knowledge of class structure and basic poses would be expected as there will be less instructions to give room for more flow. There will be more focus on transitions between postures, adventuring with intermediate to advanced postures.


Stillness | Depth | Surrender

The art of stillness. Where the distractions of the day melt away, and the dust settles. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yoga is where the bones come to rest and the mind unravels. Cultivating a sense of ease and stillness, Yin may look like not much is happening from the outside, but this is a powerfully therapeutic class.

The perfect partner to balance Yang practices such as Vinyasa, even running or martial arts. We surrender into long held poses, anywhere from 2 - 7 minutes, finding expansion in the joints, and the unwinding of the muscles.

Open for all levels and abilities - please inform the teacher if you are pregnant.

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