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Please remember we are currently working with the ever-changing COVID restrictions and luckily we are able to stay open. Currently we are only able to have 9 students and 1 teacher in a room at a time. As we are running on a much lower capacity, this means booking is essential and we hope you understand last minute changes to the schedule so we can keep up with the government requirements.

See full in-studio COVID protocol here

Live Streams

You will notice some peak-time classes on the schedule will be available to be live streamed from the comfort of your home. This is a great option if the in-studio classes are full, waitlists, or if you just want to practice from home. You can click 'sign up for live stream' on the schedule and join in via your phone, computer and laptop. You will be emailed 30 minutes before the class starts to remind you to log in and get ready. Note these classes will not be saved and are live only.


Booking is essential due to smaller classes and lots of members wanting their yoga fix:

  • To book a class, you will need to create an account/log in with us first.

  • Our booking system will only allow you to book 3 classes at a time to give everyone a chance to come and practice.

Cancellations/No-Shows (In Studio)


As space is highly sought after in class due to government-restricted smaller groups, an empty space because of a no-show is not something we can accept right now if there are waitlists.

  • If you need to cancel, please do so 4 hours before or you will be charged 30 kr if you have a membership, or you will lose the clip if booked through a clip card.

  • If you do not show up at class or do not sign in at the reception, you will be charged 30 kr automatically after class through our booking system (or lose the clip from a clip card).

  • If class is cancelled because of a studio decision, you will not be charged.

Learn what happens with your 30kr