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Our vision at iluma is to be the conduit for awakening high consciousness, by illuminating Yoga through physical, intentional and spiritual practice.

To illuminate -


a. To supply or brighten with light

b. To make luminous or shining

c. An interpretation that removes obstacles to


From the Latin root illuminationem meaning 'throw into light', our community can come together with genuine purpose to explore themselves through the path of Yoga. Iluma is a home, a soul-felt family understanding the need for luminosity in these achingly busy modern times.

Our Mission

  • to weave together the power of ritual and practice

  • to inspire spiritual growth for our community

  • to gather with luminous intention

  • to uphold equality and practice ways of intentionally making space, especially for marginalised stories and bodies.

Arrive as you are, show up and be seen, all is in perfect order

At Iluma we honour traditional lineages of Yoga as well as taking a modern approaches to adapt to the current times we reside in. We are here to encourage students to grow a more positive lifestyle on and off the mat (and work through s*** that needs to be worked out).

Yoga is not just a physical practice to us, we keep grounded within the ancient roots of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, always actively seeking ways to not appropriate the culture by respecting the lineage:

1. Yama - ethical disciplines

2. Niyama - self observation

3. Asana - posture

4. Pranayama - breath control

5. Pratyahara - withdrawal of sense

6. Dhrana - concentration

7. Dhyana - meditation

8. Samadhi - a state of blissfulness

Through honouring our asana practice as intentional movement medicine, we are creating clear and strong minds and bodies. Yoga is a complete system towards our True Self, a unification of body, breath and mind/spirit. We are here to simply hold space for this connection.

Our space is also here to be a meeting point for like-minded teachers, lecturers & workshop magicians wanting to share their knowledge to inspire us all.


The Community

“Belonging is the innate human desire to be a part of something larger than us, because this yearning is so primal we require it by fitting in and seeking approval.... true belonging only happens when we present our perfect and authentic selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be as great as our self acceptance”

- Brené Brown

An integral part of Iluma is to be as accessible and inclusive a space that we can be. 

Nevermore has our community needed a space to breathe than now. 

We are here to support a more mindful, healthy and empowered Kula (community).


Holding space has a potential part to play in the connection of people, bringing us closer together stronger and as kinder beings.

 This space is to benefit the collective conscious by looking after students' mental and physical wellbeing and overall state of bliss. 


Kula Fund

Uplifting our community

Anchor 1

Kula -


a. Family

b. Home

c. Seat of Community

d. Shelter

From the root kul - to gather

From the pot of money collected through students not showing up to class & late cancellations. We spend the money on the things and people who matter:

  • For the people who want to try yoga but cannot access it due to their economic position

  • For the youngsters needing direction and a way to look within themselves

  • For promoting excellence and intentionally making space for marginalised voices and stories by cultivating wealth through knowledge, awarding the our space for free to lecturers, speakers and activists to share their passion and vision through activism and peacekeeping.

To apply for funding of free yoga due to personal economic reasons, you can apply yourself or you can nominate a person/people. The 30 DKK late fees goes to support this program.


We are also working with organisations around the city offering yoga for those who cannot access it. If you have an organisation in mind please feel free to nominate them too, to

Your application is private and only the studio owner will have knowledge of applicants.


The Studio

A unification of a hidden Moroccan abode and Oaxacan bohemia

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