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Mandala & Medicine Music Masterclass: AIR ELEMENT

With Dulce Aguilar & Carlos Mundalah
400 DKK

Join Dulce Aguilar on this journey of spirals and circles through a strong Mandala Vinyasa flow based on the element of AIR full of ritual, repetition and revolving around our own earthly axis.


18.30 - 20.30

An Air Mandala Workshop all with the intention of energetically opening our hearts & the spine, along to deep medicine music and live DJing from Carlos Mundalah.

Leaving the boxed edges and corners of the mat, we will move 360 degrees around the four directions. Beginning with Meditation, follow by a Yin segment based on the front part of the body as well as the obliques. The Mandala practice will take place after where we will split the backbend action into upper body activation and awareness in the quadriceps and hip flexors.

Devoting ourselves to a full cycle practice, we will close with Yin based on the back part of the body and relaxation, balancing both energetically and physically: a harmony of the self. 

Not suitable for beginners or pregnant women.



(Blue Electric Storm) has been following a path of yoga, self-inquiry and shamanic tradition since she was 23 years old. Her path includes Mayan Astronomy, Chakra Theory, Reiki as well as influences from Rocket, Mandala & Tripsichore in Vinyasa flow, as well as Yin Yoga.


Carlos is a musician, producer and sound healer, Nada Yoga Teacher, Biomedical Engineer and Aztec Dancer. He has 13 years studying and practicing Traditional Mexican Medicine/Shamanism and researching other traditions, as well as being initiated into different meditations (Pragmatic, Ishaya, Vipassana, Tantric, Dynamic and Taoist).

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