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Mandala Vinyasa: EARTH

With Faye Baldwin
250 DKK

Join Faye on this journey of spirals and circles through a strong Mandala Vinyasa flow based on the element of EARTH full of ritual, repetition and revolving around our own earthly axis.


13.00 - 15.00

Leaving the boxed edges and corners of the mat, we will move 360 degrees around the four directions. A focus on the back body, we will lengthen from heel through hamstring, all the up through the spine to the back of the neck. The more open we become through folds, the more we are able to move from earth to sky into the inversions of the practice. 

A grounding practice from folding and the deep centering of our Muladhara charka at the root of the body, here we find the earthly qualities of belonging, a stable space to call home and root in tribe and community.


Devoting ourselves to a full cycle practice, we finish with the opposite element and balance both energetically and physically, a harmony of the self. 

Open to level 1 - 2+

Not suitable for complete beginners.

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