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Inversion Workshop


12.30 - 15.00

Join Emily on a 2,5 hrs inversion workshop. The practice will begin with a grounding meditation , followed by a 45 minutes flow to warm up the body focusing on the areas that need to be strong and those which need to be flexible. Once the body is warm and the energy is flowing, you will practice some drills (targeted exercises) that are specific for each inversion. We will start with headstand and its variations, then forearm balances and finally handstands. There will be some partner exercises so bring a friend if you want or else you will pair up with another sweet yogi on the spot :) 


You can join no matter what your experience with inversions is, but you should be familiar with yoga practice. 


Topics covered :

  • Benefits of inversions and Ahimsa 

  • Warm-up sequences for inversions & drills 

  • Headstand  Variations

  • Forearm Balance

  • Handstand Preparation

  • The Beauty of Falling & Perspective

  • Building Trust via Partner exercise


With Emily Losno
250 DKK

Inversions are upside down poses, therefore something our body is not used to experience naturally. They can be intimidating in the beginning, but also a lot of fun once we develop our own practice. The physical benefits of inversions are: increased circulation, strength, lymph flow. And practicing inversions also teach us humility and perseverance and can boost our confidence and make us feel very strong in pour body.   

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