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Emily Losno


Describe your classes in 3 words

Strong, mindful & balanced

What is your story with Yoga?

I was sick of just going to the gym and not enjoying it too much – I’ve been a dancer for many years and wanted more free movement in order to express myself. What I experience with yoga was so beyond the physical aspects that I had to keep exploring it.

How are students going to feel after attending one of your classes?

Students will feel strong and empowered by the practice and relaxed after the moving meditation. If not, then I hope they will feel challenged to practice more and let go of their ego.

Tell us 3 things we need to know about you!

  • I love dogs

  • I have lived in four countries

  • I have a tattoo that says ‘breakfast’

Where are you from?

I am from Italy and my mum is Swedish so I grew up with both nationalities.

IMG_1569 2.jpg

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

The only way out is through

What influences your teaching?

Dance (but different to how I was taught) as it’s much more free and more of a medicine for the body. Yoga isn’t about perfection of the pose but more about how you feel in the pose – this constantly influences my teachings.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?
I like to wake up early and have the morning to myself before anyone else wakes up. I make tea or coffee and just sit and be with myself before making breakfast and going for a walk. In the afternoon I like to see friends and then in the evening I will watch something cosy or read a book.


What is your favourite snack?

Frozen banana with peanut butter in the middle and covered in chocolate.

What are you trained in?

Trained in Ashtanga-Vinyasa (200hrs) and Embodied Yin (50hrs)

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