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A Breathwork Exploration

With Nicholas Menard

250 DKK

Breathwork is the gateway into infinite possibilities. By deepening our relationship to breath, we build our capacity to live. 


18.30 - 20.30

In this workshop we will explore our current breath programming & learn protocols to implement into everyday life, before moving into a deep experiential breathwork practice. 

Enter into this space with an open heart and mind ready to expand this ever giving power each of us has access to 24/7.  Come with an intention, breathe life into that space & leave feeling lighter.

This is for beginners to advance practitioners open to the unique expression of all.


* Notice & Explore
* Conscious Direction to Align Desired States of Being
* Breathwork Practice

photo 24-01-2023, 2 39 48 pm.JPG


Nicholas’s passion for Breathwork dates back to a session that led him to cry for the first time since his father passed away 13 years prior. He experienced its deep effect on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. He now seeks to lead and share the breath with all those who are looking to explore its wide ranging, impactful powers.
He deploys a variety of breathwork techniques and practices to create an experience with intention to meet the breather where they are at. Each breath is perfect, depending on the effect one is seeking. We will be directing the breath to the element and energy of the day to supercharge our practice and awaken parts of us that have been dormant. Let’s get ready to explore, play and get curious on our breath journey.

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