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Women's Circle - Samhain

With Faye Baldwin
300 DKK

“Fire fire burning bright. In the shadow in the night.”


16.00 - 18.00

The women’s circle: a safe and sacred spaces for those who identify as women to gather. The journey of coming home through passing on wisdom, tools and practice from deep within. You know it though, too: the circle lives within each of us. This is your calling, the echo, the little whisper of the circle from your generations past.

Samhain - A night of honouring our ancestors in the light of the Scorpio full moon. The season of roots becoming still, wet leaves sticking to wetter grounds - Winter’s gate. Step back, stare up, see what it is shining back at us in the light of the full moon with the veil of realms at it’s thinnest, and with remembrance for the women before us. 

The season’s element of water draws us deeply inward, to the core of our feelings & wellbeing, calling to our femininity and connection to spirit world. But we’re still here, part of all that survives, to keep carrying the stories.


It is time to weave new stories from the bones of old and forgotten things - if you feel the pull, come join us.


Some things to bring on the evening:

1. A picture of a loved one who has passed on / something to resemble them like a belonging of theirs / representation of them fx. something from nature.

2. An autumnal item for the communal altar such as a leaf, a small pumpkin, a stone, a flower.

3. A journal / notebook with something to write with.

4. To wear something that makes you feel beautiful.

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