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Women's Circle & Womb Yoga

With Ida Kilias
444 DKK

4 hours of diving into the feminine wisdom through sound, cycle awareness, meditation and yoga. 


14.00 - 18.00

The female body is still in need of deep healing. Many of us grew up with shame around our menstrual cycle, disconnecting from the wisdom it brings by avoiding it by all means possible. We carry deep ancestral witch wounds in our bodies, often connected to the womb, cycle and our sexuality. With all that is going on in the world I feel a need for more awareness and more healing of these wounds, more connection to the wisdom that all women have a great potential for unlocking. 


In this workshop we’ll dive into the knowledge of the sacred female body through women's wisdom practices, womb massage, breath and movements to support the cycle. The event is half workshop and half practice, weaving the theoretical knowledge together with the bodily intuition, movements, breath and sisterhood. There will be plenty of space for circle sharings, for you to ask questions, rest and connect with your own and our collective deep feminine power. 


We’ll connect with and learn about:

The sisterhood wounds

Pelvis & Pelvic organs
The cervix Womb massage

Breath & mudras for women's health

Earth, water & air as the primary feminine elements

The four seasons of our cycle 

How to live with our cycle and tune in to our feminine power

Rites of passage


This event is for all women. You are also welcome if you are pregnant or a new mother. You are welcome if you are on any form of contraception, and also if you are not. This is a space of love and support for each other as women.



13.00 - 17.00


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