25 Hour Teacher Training

Mandala & Elements

With Dulce Aguilar & Carlos Mundalah

6 - 9 MAY 2022

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Practice with Dulce and learn the methodology behind Mandala Vinyasa, a beautiful creative form of vinyasa flow. Journeying into Mandala Vinyasa & the 4 classical elements, we learn to move 360° all around, breathing and flowing through āsanas, inversions & introspection. Connect to nature and the elements within you, find a deep inner state by synchronising movement and breath, with seamless transitions.

What to Expect

Morning deep meditation & pranayama practice on the daily element

Mandala practice infused with yin into vinyasa flow 

The methodoloy and 'how to' of Mandala sequencing

Experiential teaching and practicum exercises

Live music to accompany all practices

Ceremony, medicine song, instruments, DJ-ing

Be given the keys to create and teach your own mandala sequences.

Example Day

Pranayama & Meditation

09.30 - 11.30

 Mandala Practice based on an Element
11.30 - 13.00

Mandala Methodology

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 15.30

Element Practices / Practicum

15.30 - 17.00

Second Practice / Integration

A mandala is a geometric pattern that represents the universe. In a mandala practice, we are going to integrate in all directions and all perspectives. This is going to bring us into a deeper awareness which we may not find in a linear pattern. 

The mandala is based in the 4 elements as a system that brings in Earth, water, fire and air and in the same order of intensity. Guided by the Tzolkʼin, Dulce uses this Mayan calendar to see which element is on what specific days, an approach of equanimity.

We will group the body in 4 different segments, each relating to an element. 4 different routines targeting a 4 different groups of muscles.

The Mandala





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Dulce Aguilar

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(Blue Electric Storm) has been following a path of yoga, self-inquiry and shamanic tradition since she was 23 years old. Her path includes Mayan Astronomy, Chakra Theory, Reiki as well as influences from Rocket, Mandala & Tripsichore in Vinyasa flow, as well as Yin Yoga.

Her intention is to create a more balanced version of herself, where she is able to recognise her own shadows in order to have a freer experience in life. Her teachings are guided to encourage a road of responsibility where you are able to follow the guru that resides inside your heart.

Carlos Mundalah

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Carlos is a musician, producer and sound healer, Nada Yoga Teacher, Biomedical Engineer and Aztec Dancer. He has 13 years studying and practicing Traditional Mexican Medicine/Shamanism and researching other traditions, as well as being initiated into different meditations (Pragmatic, Ishaya, Vipassana, Tantric, Dynamic and Taoist).

Carlos has 5 years guiding over 110 cacao ceremonies across the world and has joined Dulce & The Yoga People on joint events and trainings for several years.

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Who would benefit from this training?

This is an advanced training for those who have a yoga teacher training qualification:

  • This course offers a solid and practical understanding of the Mandala method, and will provide the theory and methodology for teaching mandala with elements skilfully and safely. 

  • Teachers wishing to add some creativity and depth to their teachings, and also for those who just want to deepen their practice and not necessarily want to teach it.

  • This is a physically demanding practice, level 2-3+. Please be aware the pace will not be for beginners.

  • Bring an open-minded, positive attitude! Our community is created through authenticity and individuality to make us whole. Take what you need from this course, and be ready to learn.


6.000 DKK*

*Does not include accommodation or food. Only practical classes & teaching material.