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With Faye, Colette, Shaan & Bereniké

100 DKK // FREE FOR MEMBERS - email for code

18.00 - 19.30

KIRTAN: 'Karmic Purification of the Voice'

Man - mind      tra - to cross over

Mantras are here to help cross over and find freedom from the unconscious patterns of the mind. Meditation of the voice, songs for the soul.

The voice reveals the condition of every emotion - sorrow, love, joy, anger, pain, happiness. When we open this window, it can be used a bridge to connect our beings to a greater and higher energy, regardless of the mantra being spoken word, a whisper, a song with a single instrument or an orchestra of people.

This is Bhakti Yoga, devotional practice using the soul of the voice through singing and chanting.

Led by teachers:

Faye and Colette on guitar/ukulele/harmonium
Shaan on percussian

Bereniké on violin

This is what community is all about: coming together, being together. Even if you are shy about singing, come sit with us, and just listen in.

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