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Daniela Utrera


Describe your classes in 3 words

Playful, fluid and sweaty. 

What is your story with Yoga?

Since I was a child I dreamt about being an astrophysics engineer. I moved to Copenhagen, I studied hard, I tried my best but then realized that it didn't make me as happy as I expected. Felt very lost and disconnected with myself for many years. After traveling in Sri Lanka for a month, I decided to do my teacher training even though, I had no idea what yoga was about but little did I know that it was going to be the biggest change in my life.

How are students going to feel after attending one of your classes?​

Like they were heard and held. A place where they can show as they are without any judgements nor expectations.


Tell us 3 things we need to know about you!

  • I don't like pizza

  • I am obsessed with podcast

  • Shrek will forever and always be my favourite movie

What influences your style of teaching?

The music I play in my classes, all the trainings I've done and all the teachers I admire.


Where are you from?

Manchester, UK

What’s your favourite snack?

Very easy question. Cereals! All kinds of cereals!


What do you do for self-care?

Having some time by myself, alone. Read a book while having a facemask on. Having delicious food. Dance in front of the mirror to music I haven't listened in a long time.

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