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Bereniké Hegedűs


Describe your classes in 3 words

Heartfelt, gentle, healing.

What is your story with Yoga?

I was introduced to spirituality at an early age, as my father and stepmom are Buddhists. They would often give me guided meditations when I couldn’t sleep as a kid, introduced me to prana, how everything is energy around us, and the philosophy of non-violence. I watched my dad practicing tai-chi or sun salutation every morning, and naturally, as a kid, I was so interested in these! My stepmom signed me up at a yoga studio when I was 14 and from the beginning, it was more than just a physical practice. I have practiced yoga to deal with my trauma, anger management issues, lack of motivation to continue living, or lack of meaning in life. Yoga has brought me closer to myself day by day. It allows me to reflect on and befriend parts of me that otherwise I couldn't deal with. I can't say yoga has cured me fully, that would be a lie, but during the darkest periods of my life, it did give me something that nothing else could. And now I keep coming back to stand on my mat to reconnect with myself.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

When you can't find meaning in your life, create your own.

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What influences your style of teaching?

Other students! Nothing is more inspiring than practising in a circle of other people, feeling their energies and breathing, moving together.

Tell us 3 things we don't know about you!

- My last name means "violinist" in my mother language (Hungarian) and I play the violin

- My comfort book is Momo by Michael Ende and I have a tattoo of the book cover

- I was raised by major nerds, I grew up playing Dungeons&Dragons with my older brothers and father - probably the best memories of my childhood

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

Wake up without an alarm, eat a big brunch while listening to a podcast, avoid all the chores and tasks I should be doing and start a new clay project or tuft a rug instead, a delicious yin practice and lots of laughs and cuddles with my partner.

What’s your favourite snack?

Creme fraiche. On everything. In soup, as a dip, on rice, pasta, or just on its own. I’m shameful to admit how much creme fraiche I consume on a weekly basis.

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