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The Temple Retreat


28 AUGUST - 01 SEPTEMBER, 2024

A transformational four nights living in harmony with nature in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain, 30 minutes from Malaga. Named ’Temple Retreat’, simply meaning the leading of the way to the inner temple. Five days to step away from the exterior, from the noise, the daily grind, and leaning inwards to the Self. 

Surrounding ourselves in nature in the depth of late summer, come practice in the outdoor hill-side shala with us and eat family-stye communal dinners al fresco in the shade of the finca. This is not a luxury retreat, this is simplicity, raw nature and full of high vibrations. Accomodation choices vary from sweet bedrooms in the main finca, to outdoor living in tipis and geodomes nestled amongst the hills. The luxury itself being the quietness the surroundings have to offer, and the gift of time.

Let us just practice, read a little by the pool and enjoy some beautiful food.

The retreat will be run by Faye Baldwin of Iluma Yoga Studio, with her close friend, chef & author Sophie Gordon of The Whole Vegetable.



Sample Day

  • Spend 4 nights the beautiful farmhouse sanctuary

  • Wake with the morning birds and practice in the hill-side shala looking over the coutryside.

  • Nourish yourself with incredible plant-based food from one of the UK's top vegan chefs Sophie Gordon.

  • Take part in a food workshop, picking up new culinary skills

  • Read a book by the pool and get your late summer tan

  • Eat communal meals in the shade of the trees twice a day

  • Potential sauna & outdoor cinema night (weather permitting)

  • Massage therapists can be organised for treatment on-site.

  • Optional day trips can also be organised closer to the time visiting the old town of Malaga and its markets, trips to the local white-washed town of Álora, or hiking along the intense gorge of El Chorro. 

08.00 - 09.45

10.00 - 11.00    

11.00 - 13.30

13.30 - 14.30

14.30 - 17.30

17.30 - 18.30 

19.00 - 20.00

20.00 - 21.00

Dynamic vinyasa practice


Free time / workshop


Free time / workshop

Evening yin


Evening gatherings

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On this retreat, Faye (@wildestyoga) will be teaching high vibrational vinyasa in the mornings, and soothing restorative sessions in the evenings. This retreat will not be total beginners yoga, yet new students are more than welcome but be prepared to dive in the deep end.

Each day begins in silence with a cup of herbal tea before we walk up to the hill-side shala and begin our first practice of the day based on the four classical elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air. The morning practice will be strong vinyasa, flows with fluidity and playfulness: expect laughs and a lot of heat! As always, we will also be finding new ways to explore pranayama (breath work) and meditation, experimenting with different styles throughout the week.

The afternoons will be for lazing about, finding somewhere on the land to bathe in the sun, or in a cosy corner with a new book. Closing off each day, we will soothe our summer bodies with deep yin & restorative practices as day turns to dusk, and dusk to night.


From the chef -

"Southern Mediterranean cuisine produce in the summer is my favourite when it comes to exploring seasonal produce. Those gorgeous tomatoes we crave all year long are in their height, as well as a variety of greens, beautiful and bountiful. You can expect lots of fresh, vibrant salads, as well as the all important centre piece to the meal. I always try to have a variety of dishes, sharing style on the table, making the experience enjoyable and allowing us to celebrate what’s in season and enjoy a variety of produce. I work with simple grains and legumes, as whole as possible and not forgetting the fresh crusty bread to compliment dishes. 


You can expect to see dishes cooked in a variety of ways, some raw, some cooked on the stove, others over fire on the BBQ. It’s always nice for our taste buds to enjoy a difference experience or expectation of how something should be served. "

     - Sophie Gordon


Faye Baldwin


Faye (@wildestyoga) is currently based in Copenhagen running Iluma Yoga Studio & eating many of the cinnamon buns the city has to offer. Half Singaporean, a large portion of her time each year is spent traveling around the world, exploring new places on small budgets and diving in to the local cultures.


Expect laughs & bliss in her light-hearted yoga classes, where she will help you to find the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity. Here we expand together and illuminate as one. Her offerings weaves together her various trainings in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Rocket, Mandala vinyasa, Ceremony holding and Embodied Yin.

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Sophie Gordon

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Sophie is a chef, caterer and cook book author of ’The Whole Vegetable'. With a huge love and passion for cooking she works with simple seasonal ingredients to create a variety of dishes for all occasions. Working with seasonal ingredients allows each dish to be refined, full of flavour and vibrant. She creates recipes that are dedicated to a veg-centric table, from the earth, fresh, to the table, aiming to create a spread that is not only environmentally friendly but a joyous experience. Keeping with the seasonal theme, Sophie encourages people to be mindful of their waste along the way, again, using the whole vegetable to create meals, using leftovers and getting creative in the kitchen. 

Sophie hosts regular supper clubs, caters for retreats and weddings across the globe, as well as organising local events - private, corporate and public. She aims to bring people together and encourage the idea of dining communally and enjoying those all important vegetables.

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Gallery Below


5.600 DKK


A bed in a 2 single bed AC room with shared bathrooms.


A bed in a 2 single bed AC room in either a tipi/geodome/yurt.

2.600 non-refundable deposit required to secure place.


7.600 DKK


A double bed AC room with shared bathrooms.


A double bed AC room in either a tipi/geodome/yurt.

2.600 non-refundable deposit required to secure place.


  • nights of accommodation 

  • Twice daily yoga

  • Special food workshop

  • 3 plant-based meals a day

  • Snacks, water, tea and coffee

  • Yoga mats & props

  • Sauna session (if available/not too hot)

  • Film night (if dark enough)


  • Travel

  • Airport transfer (can be arranged)

  • Insurance

What You Get

Cancellation Policy


In all other cases, the deposit of 2.600 kr is non-refundable if you choose to cancel for personal reasons.


Cancellation for all other reasons:

More than 60 days before start date = 2.600 kr (deposit) non-refundable

59 - 30 days before start date = 2.600 kr deposit + 50% rest of payment non-refundable

Under 30 days before training start date = 100% payment non-refundable

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