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5 Hour Immersion

for Teachers

With Faye Baldwin

05 March, 2022



A day dedicated to the exploration of the physical side of teaching: āsana and the body. The past 2 years have been a ride, with less teaching and even less touching. A common worry of yoga teachers both new and with years of teaching, is the less we have been able to practice adjusting, the confidence starts to also disappear.

Come back to your confidence with a 5 hour immersion full of teachers looking to do the same, reigniting the love of adjusting our students and lifting the level of your teaching skills to a higher place. This immersion will bring you back to the foundational wisdom of adjustment theory and the hands-on (and hands-off) practicalities of physically, verbally and energetically helping our students in their own practice. 


Topping up our cups of knowledge through seeing and working with other real bodies, through critical thinking and workshopping basic & more challenging postures, this advanced skill-building session will propel your teaching development of a yoga instructor and be able to teach more effectively.

A minimum of 3 hours will be dedicated to hands-on adjustment practice, and the rest of the time will be for a short teachers practice, theory, and most importantly sharing. By integrating various aspects of the day, we skilfully empower each other to walk away with a confidence boosted with integrity of why we are teaching Yoga more authentically in the first place.


  • Play with other teachers in your yoga community

  • Find an even greater trust in your own inner. wisdom - you know this all, we are just refreshing!

  • Gain back confidence in your teaching.

  • Help students integrate the actions of the pose.

  • Use integrative hands-on assists that work with the intelligence of the body.

  • Intelligently cue students in order to empower them to self-adjust.

  • Be back in that learning environment (always be the student)

The Experience

  • Learn adjustments both physically, verbally and energetically.

  • A safe, compassionate learning environment whilst also gently taking you out of comfort zones.

  • Be ready to feel what is beyond what an āsana looks like..

  • Become empowered and confident in holding the student

  • Become comfortable through the art of touch.

  • Understand modifications and variations of āsanas can still be adjusted.



Faye Baldwin

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Faye (Wildest Yoga) is currently based in Copenhagen running Iluma Yoga Studio & eating too many of the cinnamon buns the city has to offer. Half Singaporean, a large portion of her time each year is spent traveling around the world , exploring new places on small budgets and diving in to the local cultures.


Expect laughs & bliss in her light-hearted yoga classes, where she will help you to find the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity. Here we expand together and illuminate as one. Her offerings weaves together her various trainings in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Rocket, Mandala vinyasa, Ceremony holding and Embodied Yin. Faye is a 1000+ E-RYT as well as a 200 hour lead teacher trainer.

She is most passionate about blending creative vinyasa teamed with delicious music, and sharing knowledge of ceremony, sound and mantra. Finding yoga first through meditation at the age of 16, Faye is dedicated to offering work on both the inner as well as the outer Self.​​


  • Student should have a qualification in at least a 100 hour basic teacher training

  • A regular Yoga or movement practice is preferred.

  • Bring: journal/notebook, pen, curiosity!

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12.30 - 17.30


850 DKK

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