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25 Hour Teacher Training

Yin & Chakras

With Jamie Clarke

03 - 05 December 2021



In this course we will introduce Yin Yoga and the Ancient Chakras System, as an introductory experience. We will learn to practice Yin Yoga experientially, and lay the groundwork for teaching Yin Yoga ‘Functionally’. 


Also on this course there will be introductory lectures into Chakra Philosophy/ Psychology. The ancient Tantric Chakra system provides an archetypal, conceptual map, towards the possibilities and pitfalls of a student’s psycho-spiritual development. 

What to Expect

2 Functional Yin Yoga practices daily

Morning Chakra meditation ritual

Academic Anatomy Lectures for the Lower Body

Skeletal range of motion demonstrations for the lower Body

Lectures on the principles of experiential teaching and practicing

Lectures on designing a personal Yin Yoga practice

Lectures on designing and sequencing Yin Yoga for teaching

Lectures on introductory theory of the Chakra System

The Yin Yoga Experience

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Yin Yoga is an in-depth, transformative practice that attracts the more experienced Vinyasa Yoga teachers and students. Yin, develops an awareness of a practitioner’s subtle body and experiential knowledge, and creates a bridge towards meaning meditation. Yin, when taught skilfully by an experienced teacher, is customarily presented ‘Functionally’; whereby postures relate to specific target areas of the body.   

Yin poses are held in stillness for periods of time, applying progressive tension to the connective tissue, requiring awareness and technique to achieve its special benefits. 

Yin Yoga essentially integrates musculoskeletal anatomy, meridian theory and experiential wisdom on the mental, emotional and physical layers of the body. Therefore the Yin discipline becomes a natural portal into a practitioner’s psychology and transpersonal healing.  

The ancient Tantric Chakras is a psycho-spiritual map, guiding a practitioner towards an awaking to their essence nature. The Chakra ‘system’ presents students archetypal transpersonal psychology, awakening them to the possibilities of their own psycho-spiritual development. The Chakra system relates significantly to Western depth psychology (pioneers Carl Jung) and therefore is relevant and ready to use for all modern yoga students and teachers. 

The Chakra System








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Jamie Clarke

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Jamie Clarke has been a student, master teacher, scholar and mentor of Yoga since 2001. He is particularly inspired by Yoga as a therapeutic platform for trauma resolution, psycho-emotional transformation, personal actualisation and spiritual growth. He is co-founder of The Yoga People, a registered E-RYT 500 certified Yoga teacher and a trained and licensed Transpersonal Psychologist.

Jamie has been trained and mentored directly by some of Yoga’s greatest contemporary masters; Larry Schultz - Ashtanga Vinyasa & Rocket, Lino Miele - Traditional Ashtanga, Paul and Suzee Grilley - Yin Yoga & Anatomy and Edward Clark - Tripsichore.


Since 2009, he has lead Yogic/ Psychology group trainings worldwide; to date having led approaching 100 live trainings for 2,500 teachers worldwide. 

Jamie is also master teacher of structural/ skeletal, bio-mechanic Applied Anatomy with over one thousand related training hours with Paul & Suzee Grilley. As such, an over-arching approach to his teaching method, is the recognition that all practitioners are essentially different, with each individual requiring a customised; 'Functional Approach’, for students to reach their fullest potential.  


A long-time student of Eastern Philosophy, he has a rich interest in the transformational approaches and practices of the Tantra Yoga (his teacher Omesh Langmann) and Buddhist meditation disciplines (Vipassana).


From a contemporary western perspective; since 2007 Jamie has been studying Jungian Since 2007 Jamie has been scholar and student of Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Depth Psychology. Since that time he has worked within his own psychotherapeutic been being trained and supervised by Allan & Lois Pimentel; of the C.C.P.E., Anthony Lunt, R. D. Lang, Carl Jung lineage. He has also done extensive training within Family Constellations & Inherited Trauma (Jill Purce, Mark Wolynn). All these western contemporary approaches are weaved compatibly with Tantric Chakra and Elemental psychology into the TYP course offerings. Jamie is a licensed transpersonal psychology counsellor & mentor, with an established private practice. As of 2021, Jamie has completed a Masters Degree (MSc) in Psychology, from the University of London. 

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Who would benefit from this 3-Day experience?

For teachers:

  • This course offers a solid and practical foundation to understanding Yin Yoga experientially, and will provide the theory and methodology for teaching Yin skilfully and safely. 

  • This course offers an opportunity to acquire in-depth information into Yin Yoga and into related subjects of other Yoga practices. For example; Yin’s functional anatomy relates to all yoga styles. Yin’s anatomical system and skeletal variation comparisons can assist a teacher towards deeper knowledge and skill for teaching their craft. 

  • Bring an open-minded, positive attitude! Our community is created through authenticity and individuality to make us whole. Take what you need from this course, and be ready to learn.

Example Day

Chakra Meditation

10.15 - 11.45

 Chakra Yin Yoga Practice
12.00 - 13.00

Philosophy & Principles of Yin

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 15.00

Intro to Chakra Philosophy & Psychology

15.00 - 16.00

Yin Theoretical & Applied Anatomy

16.00 - 17.00

Fundamentals of Teaching & Developing Classes

17.00 - 18.00

Second Yin Practice




6.000 DKK*

2.000 DKK non-refundable deposit needed to secure placement

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*Does not include accommodation or food. Only practical classes & teaching material.

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