Veronika Mareková


Describe your classes in 3 words

Fast, energy-lifting & relaxed

What is Jivamukti to you?

Jivamukti has everything you need – the creative sequences allow you the play around, the beautiful mantras and chanting & inspiring dharma talks help you to open your heart to yourself and others. 

What is your story with Yoga?

It was always on my bucket list to do a teacher training, with no intention of becoming a teacher, just for my own practise. However I found that I love working with different people and bodies and seeing meaning in students and their practise.

How are students going to feel after attending one of your classes?

I like to get people out of their comfort zones


Tell us 3 things about yourself
I love to sew, snowboarding is my passion, and I have a serious sweet tooth!

Where are you from?


Favourite snack?

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