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Unlocking the
Ayurvedic Elements


14.00 - 17.00

With Nanna Lind
350 DKK

Join us for a 3-hour journey into Ancient ayurvedic teachings.


Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing that is indigenous to India. The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term meaning “science of life. It is a system that helps the healthy person to maintain health, and the practice of Ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness, health, and creative growth.

In this event, Nanna will present and guide us through the basic wisdom of Ayurveda and explore how we can integrate the teachings into our daily life. We will uncover the basic principles of the five elements and identify how they show up in all aspects of our lives through food, environments and relationships. After this, we will further dive into the coming season of summer, learning how to approach the changing of seasons to live in more harmony with nature and its cycles.

We will discover how we can utilize this fundamental understanding of ourselves and the world around us, gaining deeper knowledge of our inner and outer universes. We will be working with meditation, lecture, self-inquiry, group work, and movement.


Nanna is a holistic wellness coach with a multidimensional approach to her offerings through mindfulness, mindset coaching, somatic movement, ayurvedic lifestyle, yoga, tantric philosophy and Buddhist practices.

She is a certified ayurvedic wellness coach, living yolates instructor and ayurvedic postpartum doula.

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