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The Space In Between


With Nanna Hofman

180 DKK

18.30 - 20.15

Celebrating summer can sometimes mean spending time away from the mat, meditation-cushion and routines. This is all wonderful and just like it's supposed to be. Immersing in nature, incredible foods and enjoying precious time with precious people is also Yoga. On the other side of all that, there's just often this weird space in between. You might just be coming back to work or you're starting to fear the day coming closer.

A class dedicated to reconnection and intention setting post-summer & pre everyday-life. Routines feel intimidating and your body might feel stiff or different. We feel you!

This event is there to hold you through that transition by gently re-introducing a breath- and meditation routine for you to take home, Yoga-asanas guided with extra focus on modifications and finally a journaling-session for you to set intentions and reflect upon your post-summer practice. Expect an 8-limb-style practice with Yoga-philosophy sprinkled into the physical Asana, the Pranayama and the Meditation to gently remind ourselves that Yoga doesn't just exist on the mat.

This event is for anyone in need of a little bit support finding back to their mat in an informed, yet lighthearted matter. We are not here to get frustrated and disappointed in ourselves over enjoying summer to the fullest, but more here to celebrate the reconnection. To realize and dwelve in how incredible we still are. To give ourselves the gift of time to listen to our needs, write them down and truly see ourselves in that space in between. 



Nanna's story with Yoga can actually be summed up to one sentence she heard in a podcast years ago: "The work that heals you, is the work you end up doing in the world". Just like that, Yoga was it for Nanna and it continues to heal and guide her home every single day. 

Till this day she's still amazed by the healing powers of this practice whether it's through breathing, movement or stillness. As a teacher that's where she's coming from. She truly has faith in the practice and what it's capable of doing. Not just for herself but also for her students. In her teachings you will find that there's an infinite trust in how amazing you already are. She truly believes that you are perfect right now and believes that Yoga is just there to help you see it yourself. 


She is also a certified Physical Therapist graduated from VIA University College in Aarhus in 2019 and bring all her knowledge with her into all her teachings. Through her coaching-practice she guides humans in mind-body connection and support them in finding their way home to Self through the self.

Finally, her passion truly shines through when it comes to empowerment and creative language. She's written a book and love to find meaning through the magic of putting pen to paper. 

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