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The Plantiful Diet

With Emily Losno
250 DKK

We all eat every day, multiple times a day, surely food has a huge effect on our body and souls. And because of the way our food system works, what we eat affects not only our health as individuals but also our community and the planet. 


13.00 - 15.00

If we really want to live in a sustainable way we need to rethink the way we eat and strive to follow a plant-based diet. Eating plant-based is not only a dietary pattern but rather a way of living, and it is strongly connected to the practice of Ahimsa- non harming, which is the first moral value of Yoga. 

In this 2 hours event you will learn about the positive impact of plant-based diets on the body, the soul and the environment. You will learn that eating plant-based is easier than you think, and that you do not need to become a vegan activist to play a role in fighting climate change and care for the animals. 

The talk will be divided in three main topics, the impact of plant-based diets:

1) on the planet
2) on our health
3) on animals.


All the information that you will receive has been carefully researched by Emily, who has been following a plant-based lifestyle for the past 5 years, she holds a bachelor in Biomedicine and a master degree in Human Nutrition and has written a thesis and published a scientific article about plant-based diets.


You will also receive practical cooking tips and delicious meal ideas to help you thrive as you remove animal products from your diet. And there will be time for questions and discussion in the end. 




Home-made plant-based snacks, tea and kombucha will be served. 
All you need to do is bring a notebook and a pen for notes and a positive, open mindset. 

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