The Art of Soap Making


With Živilė Fornari //

350 DKK - including snacks

16.00 - 18.00

In this workshop, you will have a chance to learn about saponification:

The tradition of cold pressed soap making technique exploring the qualities of the most common oils, herbs, clays and essential oils used in soap making.

You will learn the theory behind soap making to then be able to make soap together but personalising yours with your own colours and scents. 

You will get to know how to formulate your own soap recipe and most importantly we will be making palm oil free, vegan, organic soap to take home with you.

It is a fun and casual 2 hour hands-on workshop. Snacks, refreshments and all material will be provided.


Note that it might get messy, so better wear not precious clothes or bring an apron.


You can also bring a bag to transport your soap safely back home.

This workshop will be taught in English.



Dygo makes handcrafted, organic, natural and environmentally conscious solid cosmetics. It was born from the need to create something by hand, spread awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to switch their everyday habits to more sustainable ones. That is why all Dygo creations are carefully formulated with highest quality oils, butters, pure essential oils, herbs, flowers and clays.

With a minimalistic approach we combine modern with traditional ingredients to create effective body care products to nurture the skin and hair without compromising the wellness of the planet Earth. Each soap or shampoo bar is handmade and packed with love and without plastic at the home studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It will be possible on the day to purchase soaps from Živilė