Sunday School


With Faye

150 DKK

12.30 - 15.00

This is for the Yoga teachers who want to refresh and remind themselves of their magical skill set, but haven't been teaching as of late / never got the chance to / wants to brush up their teaching.

These monthly (ish) YTT classroom setting sessions are here for you to find inspiration. Through teaching each other in creative exercises.
To find more confidence in holding space.
To explore individuality and creativity.
To take your personal practice to another level.
To perhaps re-learn the art of touch through hands-on adjusting. 
To really understand what it is as a teacher, you are here to share.
To find out your who, what and why.

Most importantly, to forever be a student!


Your teacher for the afternoon is creator of iluma yoga  - Faye Baldwin

As well as a love for holding space for both students and teachers alike, she hosts 200 hour teacher trainings as well as advanced trainings in Copenhagen. Exploring confidence and creativity through themework of the body, spirit and speech is her passion and seeing teachers thrive is her pure joy in life.