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Shaan Reza Ali


Describe your classes in 3 words

Open, fun, healing

What is your story with Yoga?

Started practising after an old football injury, and discovered something that meant so much more than physical movement, something that also took me into myself, teaching me patience, stillness, gratitude and acceptance. The physical poses became just an entry way for that work, and in 2018 I took my teacher training at Nepal Yoga Academy, grounding my practise in a more traditional, philosophical basis. Since then, I’ve taught sporadically, largely a my workplace, an NGO, where I work as a lawyer.

Tell us 3 things we need to know about you!
1. I’m a Taurus and yet have a love for the esoteric and the mystical, two things which don’t usually go together! 2. I’m the youngest of 6 siblings, and uncle to 8 nieces and nephews.

3. I spend my Saturdays teaching an open hand-drum (djembe) class on Refshaløen

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

“Yesterday I was clever, and so I tried to save the world. Today I am wise, and so I’m trying to save my self.”


What influences your style of teaching?

I won’t lie, I’m heavily influenced by Nicolai Boas and took his 50hr sequencing training. And he’s a bit of a guru to me, although he hates it when I say that, so keep it our secret. I’m also inspired by dance, rhythm, elegant movements and feeling beautiful through a moving practise, rather than stiff, serious and static.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

It starts with a hot cup of tea, followed by listening to a news podcast, slow brunch with friends, followed by a big family dinner. I’m a total extrovert, my Sundays need to be filled with people I love!

What’s your favourite snack or food?

Nutella is my guilty addiction and I must be kept away from it at all costs. It brings out my inner demons, that stuff. It’s the nectar of the gods. Dangerous. Anything with Nutella in it.

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