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Postpartum Nesting Circle


With Kira Maria Sandholt // @mamapower

350 DKK - including snacks and a goodie bag

12.00 - 15.00

Prepare for postpartum and get the rest, care and support you need as a new mama.


After birth you are just as newborn as your baby and you will need to be held and supported by others in order to have a silky soft landing in your fourth trimester.

This circle will give you the important information about what you will meet in the early days of motherhood; The amazing postpartum body, all the feels new mothers have - how to navigate in it and how to be with all of it. 
I will be drawing lines from postpartum traditions in Chinese medicine and guide you on how to bring them up to date and create your own postpartum traditions to run in your family. 

We will be talking about self-care, self love and tools to put in use when being a newborn mother. But most importantly you’ll literally be building a nest for a soft landing after birth, in which you, your partner and your baby will start your life together. 


Join me and 9 other women in a heart warm circle that leaves you nourished, inspired and prepared for postpartum.


Kira Maria Sandholdt 

Doula, midwife stud., yoga teacher and owner of Mama Power



This circle is for you, if you’re pregnant and love the idea of preparing for postpartum no matter if you have three older children or if this is your first. It’s never too late to take good care of you.



With very few simple tools you’ll be guided into the field of postpartum and invited to build a nest full of rest, support and healing care. 


We’ll begin with a calm prenatal yoga class that grounds your body and calms your mind so that you’re ready to dive into your dreams and wishes for the very beginning of motherhood.

Bring comfortable clothes, warm socks and a sweater. If you have a notebook, you can bring that too.

It will be possible on the day to take a look at Mama Power postpartum care packages at a discount, take a look:

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