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Postnatal Courses

Isvara Pranidhana

'surrender to the higher power'


- Yoga Sutras

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Motherhood  Course

With Blah Blahson // @mamapower

999 DKK

This life-long journey of motherhood is the ultimate act of yoga in its most devotional sense. Learning to consciously surrender to the moment and new experiences almost become a silent mantra.




Shifting into the Yoga of Motherhood, this new type of practice is centred around post-partum recovery, sensitively adapting to the changing needs of the woman; safe and beneficial even for the absolute beginner.


Understanding the new & busy schedule, new mothers sometimes lose connection with the present moment, becoming lost and tired with chores and looking after the little one. This is where we come in to guide you, ground you and ease the heavy load off your shoulders (quite literally).

Post natal classes designed specifically for mothers and babies bring about a sense of community with other women in the same life situation as yourself. Coming together and socialising, whilst being able to stretch, strengthen, breathe and bond with babies in an engaging way. These nurturing sessions to also look after your mental well-being, increasing your vitality so you can offer even more energy back to your child.

Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 17.42.53.png
Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 17.42.53.png

Let us look after you, providing a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space for you and your baby. Luxuriate in stepping into both a calming and energising practice, all the while engaging with your baby with massages, music and incorporating them into your poses. 

We recommend attending postnatal classes after the first 6 weeks of a new mother & baby's life together. Those first several weeks are for restoring and nurturing together at home, healing after the birth. Anywhere between 6 weeks to 9 months post-partum is the perfect time to join us as it is more safe to start stabilising and strengthening.

It's ok to be tired, it's ok if your baby cries a lot, it's ok if you don't know what you are doing, it's ok if you have never done yoga, it' s ok if you're nervous, it's all ok. Just show up, everything is in imperfectly perfect order.

What we will be exploring*:

  • Breath - one of the most important tools for your birthing journey.

  • Stabilising & strengthening: core & pelvic floor; arms & legs

  • Breastfeeding/baby carrying counter postures: shoulder openers; neck and shoulder releases

  • Inversions (softer variations) & twists: counteracting the gradual depletion of endorphins; twists for toning the centre.

  • Releasing: lengthening muscles that became tight during 9 months of pregnancy

  • Restorative & relaxing: important to balance the strengthening.


*All depending on the individual mother's birth and healing process

Investment: 1.000 kr.

  • 6x 60 minute classes with all the extra touches and magic to create more of a treat. We designed a course in mind to get you to commit and show up with the little one. This way you show up week after week (even on those more tired days) and feel confident and centred with women going through the exact same processes as you.

  • Included : Recording of Yoga Nidra for relaxation at home for times such as breastfeeding/rocking baby to sleep, to clear and calm the mind.

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