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​Moving Shakti

With Fie Sommer
250 DKK

​      - A space of intuitive movement and free dance.

Dear Woman

​Are you longing to deeply connect with yourself and unleash your intuitive nature?


17.00 - 19.00

​Then you are hereby invited to an evening of deeply diving into yourself and your inner truth.

​You will be taken on a journey - dropping into your ​body and senses and daring to move from the depth of your being. You will be guided through gentle invitations, tunes and rhythms, and with deep allowance to take up space with all that you are.

Come join forces with your sisters in a safe space - explore your wild expression, free your body, tap into sensuality and have fun. ​This space will allow you to connect to your different flavours, to deeply anchor you in your rawness and to playfully reclaim your juicy body.


It is time to let Shakti move you!

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