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Image by Hadi Yazdi Aznaveh



With Pernille Ørskov // @astroswan

250 DKK

12.30 - 15.00

Astrology is a tool for self-reflection and understanding ourselves as well as our children. Here are a few ways astrology could potentially be used by parents when raising children:

1. Self-awareness:
Studying astrology can encourage parents to explore their own strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. This self-awareness can help them become more conscious of their own biases and patterns of behavior, allowing them to better understand how they might influence their children.

2. Understanding individual differences:
Astrology can provide a framework for recognizing and appreciating individual differences among children. By considering the unique characteristics associated with their child's astrological sign, parents may gain insights into their child's personality traits, interests, and potential challenges.

3. Tailoring parenting approaches:
By understanding their child's astrological sign, parents may adapt their parenting strategies to better suit their child's needs. For example, a child who is described as sensitive and intuitive may benefit from a more gentle and empathetic approach, while a child described as energetic and assertive may thrive with structured routines and physical activities.

4. Enhancing communication:
Astrology can provide a shared language for parents and children to discuss personal traits and tendencies. Parents can use astrology as a starting point for conversations about emotions, strengths, and areas for growth. This can foster open communication and create opportunities for deeper connections within the family.

5. Nurturing interests:
Astrology often associates certain interests and talents with specific signs. If parents observe their child showing a keen interest in areas commonly linked to their astrological sign, they might provide opportunities for their child to explore and develop those interests further.




I am an astrologer based in Copenhagen, working with intuitive astrology, from a perspective of personal empowerment and selfhealing/psychological understanding.


Astrology was a secret interest in my life since my earlier twenties. As I slowly became more and more absorbed by its universe, a whole new value system and life perspective unfolded. The effect in my own life was noticeable in a very positive way, and a few years ago I decided to begin sharing my knowledge and insights so others can get as much benefit from it, as I have had.

Astrology is not a religion or a life philosophy for me. It is intuitive and a concrete tool based on my belief that everything consists of energy and when one thing moves, it affects another. So is without a doubt magical. And full of love.

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