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Kemetic Yoga

With Zozo Mposula
250 DKK

Join Zozo through movement in union with the company of the Gods and Goddesses of an ancient Afrikan yoga based on the culture of Ancient Egypt, then known as Kemet.


13.00 - 14.30

What is Kemetic Yoga? 

Kemetic is derived from the word Kemet, an ancient name for Egypt during the era of the pharaohs, referring to the lower and upper Egypt. Kemet also refers to the black Nation once located in the northeastern corner of the African continent.

With strong African roots, poses are inspired from ancient Egyptian illustrations of Gods & Goddesses. A much slower style with a focus on meditation, breathwork and chakras, this is a type of Yoga that dives deeper into energy over performance.




I am mother of two and if anyone knows the demands of motherhood then they would know that it can challenging raising your kids without a community. That is how my yoga journey began. I was studying at the time while raising my children. 8 years ago, a friend suggested I try yoga. I could not afford classes and felt there weren’t any spaces catering for people who looked like me, so I started practising from home.


I feel like Kemetic yoga found me - that I have finally come home to myself due to its spiritually connection, o its history and Afrikan origin. The teachings behind the Kemetic philosophy aid me on my healing journey. Practising any yoga is like coming home to a familiar place of belonging on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

I also hope that those who get to try it will have a feeling of coming home to themselves, however they choose to define home. 

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