Jana Madlener


Describe your classes in 3 words

Exploring, magic, intuitive

What is your story with Yoga?

It was a big coincidence – I was abroad when I took my first class. I didn’t enjoy it at the start until my teacher played MC Yogi and then I really loved it. I met a dear friend from India who suggested I took the training for myself then began teaching in India and Sri Lanka. 

What is Rocket Yoga?

Rocket is all about having no limit and just exploring what you like to do. It’s a lot inversions and trying things you haven’t done before, and learning it’s okay to fall.

What are your trainings?

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket, Yin & Mandala

Tell us 3 things about yourself

  • I am from the German Alps so I am a mountain girl

  • I like to talk to things – not only humans – animals, material, the sun and moon. I like to express what I’m thinking!

  • I used to do an ice bath everyday


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

We are nature

Who are you biggest influences?

Intuitive dancing movement and the moon and the energies of the moon really inspire me

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

I sleep in, then I have a slow morning with meditation and amazing brunch with friends. If the sun is shining we go outside. Always with a lot of baking and coffee! And of course a very chilled evening with a glass of wine and a chocolate.

What’s your favourite snack or food?

My favourite snack is student mix (nuts & raisins) I can eat a 500g pack in one go!

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