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Fire of the Heart

With Emily Losno & Janni Popp
350 DKK

A Spring Event -

Embrace the rising of Spring and the warmth of the Sun with a heart-opening and intention setting practice. This event will be a unique fusion of two practices: fiery Shake the Dust and soothing Yin yoga. Ignite your inner fire and tune towards the wisdom within your heart.


14.00 - 17.00

Spring is the time of blossoms. As nature changes around us, so do we. After the winter cocooning, the longer daylight of spring invites us rise into surface, to take up space and to spend more time outside. We are invited to recharge, to release and to unfold. We plant seeds of growth and prepare for the high energy of summer to guide us into expansion. 


In this event we will celebrate this magical time of the year by diving into the wisdom of our hearts and re-connect to the fire and wood element within us through different practices such as chanting, meditation, high intensity movements, stillness and sharing. 


Janni will guide a Shake the Dust session, which is a dynamic movement practice, journeying between perpetual movement, rest, release and free movement. Afterwards Emily will guide a grounding and restorative yin practice. We will finish by holding space for each other in a circle, with time for sharing from our hearts.

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