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Libra Moon Movement Ritual


With Colette Alderson //

250 DKK

12.30 - 14.30

Just as the moon reflects the sun’s light, we can honour the lunar cycle as a time for self-reflection. When she reaches her fullest and most powerful expression, it is a time to celebrate our successes.

The full moon in Libra marks the time when your confidence comes into full bloom as we explore how to find balance within ourselves, our environment and our relationships. 

Under the illumination of the full moon, bathe in her healing powers with a guided meditation, lunar yoga flow, journaling and celebration ritual.

Follow the lunar tides inwards to reflect, let go of and celebrate your own sacred internal cosmic energy.


  • Guided meditation

  • Lunar yoga flow (1hr)

  • Journaling and sharing circle

  • Celebration ritual

You are encouraged to bring a journal and any crystals you have.

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