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Introduction to Astrology


With Tanya Markul // @tanyamarkul @theshebook

350 DKK

12.30 - 15.00

In this class, we will creatively deep dive within to find emotional relief. And we’ll write, like artists, to reveal beauty, personal meaning, and life guidance.

EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION HELPS US : to know ourselves better, and can relieve stagnancy, heaviness, and a lack of inspiration. It can also help to release the pressures of the status quo, so that you can feel safe to discover an authentic, more satisfied, and empowered version of yourself outside of the box.


CREATIVE EXPRESSION HELPS US : to find possibility within what feels impossible—no matter how long it has felt that way. Creativity is the first symptom of transforming pain to purpose, and finding guidance by tapping into what already lives within you.

JOIN US for a 3 hour workshop of creative expression with author and poet Tanya Markul. In this workshop, we’ll play and create with mind-opening and unconventional imagination drills, creative exercises, and prompts to get you writing, without second guessing, your truest expression.



TANYA MARKUL is the author of The She Book series published by Andrews McMeel. Early in life, she discovered emotional pain to be a sustainable resource for art and creation—and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Her quotes, stories, poems, and prose have touched readers around the world. She hopes to be a safe space of inspiration and empowerment for years to come.

This unique workshop is suitable for all. No prior writing experience is necessary. Bring a journal with plenty of clean pages and something to write with.


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