Freedom of Movement


With Pardis Pourahmad // @guanyinacupuncture & guest XXX

444 DKK

13.00 - 16.00

​This event of connection with light and water is a gift to our family from the global majority aka African, Indigenous, Asian community

Movement is a fundamental human right and an important part of our native culture.

In all our cultures we’ve used dance and movement to heal trauma and grief. We use movement as a tool of protest and to create connection in the communities. In this circle we will reclaim and reconnect to our bodies and movements of our bodies. We gather to reset your system and to fill you up with peace, light and the feeling of strength through connection with your self and to the others in the circle. 

Our guest XXX will grace us with movements through dance/yoga for the first hour.  There is no need for you to have any experience, you are enough as you are.


After the movement, I will contribute with a nada (5 needles of ear acupuncture) and a healing/meditation circle.

We hope that the combination of these tools will bring you closer to your beautiful and powerful heart and people.


Pardis & XXX


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Your Hosts


My name is Pardis Pourahmad , I am a trained acupuncturist, Doula, Healer and registered alternative therapist ( RAB ).

I was born on March 8, 1977 in Iran where I got my understanding and interest in Chinese medicine founded through the traditional medicine in Iran.

There was much that was healed and healed with food, herbs and prayer partly from my grandmother's kitchen or at the home of my family's friends, all of whom were somehow witches and wizards. They always used their powers and contact with the spiritual world to heal and heal all living beings around them.


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