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Community Class -

With Bella Neergaard

35 DKK

A community class for those who live with any type of anxiety, and want to try yoga for the first time/enjoy some beginners yoga in an environment and space specifically tailored towards grounding you.

This class is an invitation to hold space for those who find themselves needing some grounding and a space to feel held and felt. The class will feature more basic postures, simple movements and will include some simple guided meditation and grounding breath-work to help relieve anxiety.

This event is open to members & non-members.

This event is at an affordable rate and open for members & non-members.

This class will be taught by Bella Neergaard. If you have any questions about the class, please don't hesitate to contact her at @bellaneergaard on Instagram or email


We are offering dedicated time and space to traditionally marginalised communities to embark upon a yoga journey whether you are PoC, LGBTQ+, neuro-diverse or living with mental health issues. Fostering a sense of community within traditionally white, women-identifying, able-bodied spaces is not only powerful, but needed.

A lot of us have had that 'first yoga class experience' before, walking into a room where we feel awkward, unseen and uninvited. We acknowledge that some communities feel excluded in yoga and wellness spaces. This is something we are passionate about changing. We believe that it is important to invite traditionally marginalised communities to come experience the healing benefits of yoga.

Our teachers will hold non-judgemental and empowering spaces catered to the specific community we are hosting, whilst teaching the basics of a yoga class through and informed yet light-hearted and fun way. We will introduce you to the basics of yoga through physical postures, exploring movement, delving into meditation and playing with breath-work.

Let us give you space, so you can take up your own!



12.30 - 14.00

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