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Candlelit Kundalini


With Andjela Larsen

350 DKK

18.30 - 20.30

A delicate candlelight Kundalini yoga experience.

A 2 hour workshop, with deep prānāyāma, mantras and movement to hit a core in the deepest parts of you. A total Kundalini yoga experience. On this early autumnal evening, we will light candles and move into soft light, fulfilling the inward experience, where we drift into deep states of relaxation.

Lighting up our own fire through the magical use of breathwork, we will find a sort of releasing and healing on deep & profound levels at this workshop. Recognising the wisdom that comes from the breath, this kundalini 'technology' is here to stir up our prāna - life force energy.


When we fine tune our senses by clearing the subconscious mind, we begin merging into our sophistication - we start to evolve.


My name is Angie I’m a kundalini teacher and founder of Sat Nam Vintage, carefully handpicked vintage treasures. I live in Denmark in the beautiful City, Copenhagen. 


I’ve been fascinated and lost my heart to Kundalini yoga 13 years ago and I have since Then known that I would be a Kundalini yoga teacher one day, the technology has increased my quality of life. I am a householder indeed, being a mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter is definitely also being a leader and to manage all these different hats I have and need tools, my Kundalini yoga tools. My deepest passion is to uplift, give courage and serve, that’s why I know I am so drawn to the profound Technology of Kundalini yoga. 

It really is the huge amount of pranayama (breath work) we do while practicing KY that does it for me - I feel so fresh, renewed and energised after. 

The other thing is the mantras, they are incredibly healing and they are beyond beautiful and they will make you feel deep things. In KY you are doing a self-healing and that is just so epic to me. You don't have to go elsewhere to “fix” things, you can sit at home on your sheepskin and do the work yourself. It is so addictive because you get to sit in the drivers seat of your own life.

See you soon,


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