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Ashtanga Vinyasa


This 200 hour teacher training is a deeply intensive hybrid 3 week offering, designed to immerse you into the foundational wisdom of becoming confident teachers of yoga. Join us on this deeply transformational journey of Sadhana, the passage of spirit to the higher Self for 2 weeks in Portugal and 2x long weekends in Copenhagen.


Honouring the established system of Ashtanga yoga, this course is the perfect blend counter-balancing tradition with the creative flow style of Vinyasa yoga. We will be sharpening our senses and diving deep into spirit, filling the cup of knowledge of what it takes to be a great space holder, how to teach yoga as a holistic experience and inspire students in our community.

We are here to train confident, magical, poetic and knowledgable teachers in the yoga community: empowered voices spreading the light of yoga around the world. What you bring to the table is the most important tool, the greatest teacher is you and we want you to bring your individuality and ideas whilst developing your own personal teaching style and voice. In our beautiful Sangha, community, we experience the extraordinary sense of connection and trust the process of practice and dedication, together.

This is just the beginning,


5 - 7 May + 19 - 21 May 2023

3 - 17 June 2023



  • Spend 14 nights in our secluded forest home in the Southwest of Portugal

  • Nourish yourself with food grown on-site and from local producers

  • Meditate and practice in a converted victorian greenhouse

  • Moving meditation alongside swaying trees whilst practicing on the hill-side yoga deck.

  • The opportunity to visit our neighbouring Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre, or just hear them howling to the moon at night.

  • Take part in cacao ceremonies, drinking in this heart medicine and dancing as the sun rises.

  • A half day trip to beautiful Lisbon.

  • Learn how to hold space, become the story-teller and the sequence weaver of being a yoga teacher.

  • Come away confident and creative in your words and presence as you find your authentic flow.

  • Drink chai post-dinner whilst we discuss matters of the heart and of ancient wisdom in evening Satsangs

  • Sing medicine songs and learn mantras with instruments to take home for your future teachings

  • Learn how to teach yoga as a business

The Experience

  • A safe, compassionate learning environment whilst also gently taking you out of comfort zones

  • Learn to teach and practice asana in the way of traditional ashtanga, ready for your own style of vinyasa

  • Be ready to see what is beyond asana

  • Dive into creativity through teaching methodology, theme weaving & new use of your voice

  • Become empowered and confident in holding the room

  • Grow your personal development with workshops on self-love & speech empowerment

  • Get technical with alignment and assisting

  • Become comfortable through the important art of touch, and learn hands-on-adjustments for students

  • Take on new approaches to meditation and pranayama, from the basics to the intriguing

  • Geek out in functional anatomy classes, and learn about ALL the bodies is by using our group's various shapes and sizes

  • Explore modifications and variations of asanas

  • Take your personal practice to the next level

  • Personally explore a subtler and deeper sense of awareness

  • Live in your new Sangha, community, in paradise.



The Physical

Meditation, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Chanting, Kriya

The largest part of the training, starting each day with sunrise gatherings in meditation/ pranayama/mantras followed by a two-hour dynamic and challenging asana practice in either vinyasa or ashtanga (alternating days).

Some evenings will end in another asana practice but balancing the heat with a cooling yin or restorative yoga.

The Art of


The Space Holder

Methodology, Empowerment, Voice, Becoming the Wordsmith, Space Holding, Ceremony

This section is what makes us unique, we are dedicating lots of time for you as an individual to grow into your ​own space as a leader and new teacher. Discovering your confident voice, getting out of those comfort zones, stepping into your power and owning the room. 

Workshop style classes on language, writing, creative linguistics, how to inspire students through holding powerful space: all the deep delicious stuff happens right here.

We will also host lectures on Yoga as a Business.

Depth: Philosophy & Ethics

The Self

Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, Traditional Texts to Modern works of the Mind

Cultivating a foundation in Yogic Philosophy, we apply ancient wisdom with a modern approach. We take an in-depth look into Patanjal's eight-fold path, looking at concrete ways of applying this to our own existence. Studying the Bhagavad Gita and the Sutras, we ask how can we relate these teachings to our own practice and personal development. Dive into the stories of deities, gods and goddesses: who is Shiva? What does Ganesh have do with us? Studying ethics, we will see how we can apply these teachings into becoming the teacher, and what it means to be a safe and supporting guide in our communities as well as covering spiritual bypassing, cultural appropriation and decolonising your practice.

The Art of


The Technical

Alignment, adjustment, ​technique, posture clinics, sequencing, demoing, tone, rhythm of class

The technical side, learning the above in workshop style classes. Discussing postures, learning how to approach the pose in its variations and basic alignment of the pose. In posture clinic we break down some trickier postures such as inversions, arm balances and advanced postures.

We play with adjusting each other, building confidence to touch students and move them in a way that feel safe and secure for their needs.

Workshop classes in groups to play with sequencing and creating the tone and rhythm of a class.

Depth: Applied Anatomy

The Body

Biomechanics, Physical Anatomy, Energetics

In-depth, hands-on lectures understanding the actual biomechanics of the body. The focus will be on creating a deep knowledge in what's physically happening in the body during movements, injuries and the stresses of life. To remember what we learn we have to feel it, so expect this to be equally physical and theoretic. We will be using our group to show what happens on real people with real bodies.

Here we dive into the human anatomy as well as the intricate area of energy: prana, chakras, nadis and bandhas.


The Work

Teaching, Video feedbacks, Exams, Shaking off the Nerves

From day 1 we start to use our voice and teach our peers, simple challenges such as leading opening with an AUM, leading a Sun Salutation, all the way to hosting a final 60 minute class.

We get it, it's scary getting up in-front of your peers let alone a group of strangers to teach, but you got this!

You can only complete the YTT by completing a written 2 hour exam and teaching a final class.


Sample Schedule

This training takes place over 20 intensive days. The below sample schedule is that of the time we spend in Portugal, with some time off to enjoy the beach, explore the nearest towns, or to read and rest. This schedule below is just a sample, each day my slightly vary and on alternating evenings we have gatherings such as satsang (conversations of spirit) or some surprises in store. When in Copenhagen, the days will be less intense but with as much depth.

07.00 - 07.30             Sunrise, The Practice: meditation, pranayama or mantra

07.30 - 09.30           The Practice: Āsana - Vinyasa or Ashtanga

09.30 - 11.00           Breakfast

11.00 - 13.00           Depth: Philosophy or Anatomy

13.00 - 14.30           Lunch

14.30 - 16.30           Art of Practice: technical, adjustment / Art of Teaching: methodology

16.30 - 17.00           Break

17.00 - 18.00           Art of Teaching: methodology, empowerment, space holding, ceremony, the wordsmith

18.00 - 19.00           The Practice: Yin or Restorative / Art of Practice: Posture clinic

19.00 - 20.00           Dinner

20.00 +                    Evening gatherings / Free time

The Space: Copenhagen

Our Studio

The unification of a hidden Moroccan abode and Oaxacan bohemia, Iluma Yoga Studio is nestled in a quiet courtyard in Frederiksberg. Read more about our philosophy and see more pictures here.

The Space: Portugal

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